Tester Designates June 27th as Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness Day for Servicemembers & Veterans

Ranking Member joins bipartisan effort to support servicemembers and veterans living with post-traumatic stress

(U.S. Senate) – A resolution backed by U.S. Senator Jon Tester unanimously passed the Senate this week, designating the month of June as National Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness Month and June 27th as National Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness Day.

“Many of our nation’s veterans suffer from invisible wounds of war such as post-traumatic stress as a result of their service to our country,” said Tester, Ranking Member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. “The reality is that we’ve got to do more to improve the lives of military trauma survivors and provide them with necessary tools they need to heal. This month—and every month—we must recommit ourselves to fighting on behalf of all veterans living with both seen and unseen injuries, to ensure they have access to the resources they’ve earned.”

Tester’s bipartisan resolution aims to reduce the stigma associated with post-traumatic stress, improve treatment, and support servicemembers and veterans who are especially impacted due to the COVID-19 crisis.

As Ranking Member, Tester has been fighting to improve mental health care and resources for veterans. He has authored critical pieces of bipartisan legislation including the Commander John Scott Hannon Veterans Health Care Improvement Act and the Servicemember and Veterans’ Empowerment and Support Act, which would improve resources and care for survivors of military sexual trauma (MST). 

A copy of Tester’s resolution can be found HERE.