VA Mental Health: Ensuring Access to Care

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Panel I


Mr. Nicholas Karnaze, Veteran, U.S. Marines

Mr. Dean Maiers, Veteran, U.S. Navy

Mr. Roscoe Butler, Deputy Director for Health Care, The American Legion

Dr. Jackie Maffucci, Research Director, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America 

Dr. Debra A. Draper, Director of the Health Team, Government Accountability Office



Dr. Harold Kudler, Chief Consultant for Mental Health Services, Department of Veterans Affairs

Accompanied by:

Dr. David Carroll, Executive Director, Mental Health Operations, Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Michael Davies, Executive Director, Access and Clinical Administration Program, Department of Veterans Affairs



Member Statements


  • Dr. Debra A. Draper

    Director of the Health Care Team
    the Government Accountability Office
    Download File (419.13 KB)
  • Dr. Harold Kudler

    Chief Consultant for Mental Health Services
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    Download File (141.33 KB)
  • Mr. Roscoe Butler

    Deputy Director for Health Care
    The American Legion
    Download File (61.97 KB)
  • Mr. Nicholas Karnaze

    U.S. Marines
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  • Dr. Jackie Maffucci

    Research Director
    Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
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  • Mr. Dean Maiers

    U.S. Navy
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