Business Meeting



1. S.372 (Ernst)  Ensuring Quality Care for Our Veterans Act (Committee Print)   

2. S.612 (Portman)  Improving Housing Outcomes for Veterans Act of 2021 (Committee Print)   

3. S.887 (Moran)  VA Supply Chain Resiliency Act

4. S.1040 (Menendez)  A bill to amend title 38, United States Code, to expand eligibility for hospital  care, medical services, and nursing home care from the Department of Veterans Affairs to include veterans of World War II (Committee Print)    

5. S.1198 (Hassan)  Solid Start Act of 2021 (Committee Print)   

6. S.1220 (Warren)  United States Cadet Nurse Corps Service Recognition Act of 2021

7. S.1319 (Kelly)  VA Quality Health Care Accountability and Transparency Act (Committee Print)   

8. S.1863 (Moran)  Guaranteeing Healthcare Access to Personnel Who Served Act (Committee Print)   

9. S.1875 (Rounds)  Veterans’ Emergency Care Claims Parity Act

10. S.1965 (Murray)  Planning for Aging Veterans Act  (Committee Print)   

11. S.2041 (Manchin)  Department of Veterans Affairs Provider Accountability Act (Committee Print)   

12. S.2102 (Boozman)  Supporting Expanded Review for Veterans in Combat Environments     


13. S.2172 (Tester)  Building Solutions for Veterans Experiencing Homelessness Act of 2021 (Committee Print)