Business Meeting


1) Major Medical Lease Committee Resolution

• PSC-01-VA24: Charleston, SC, Research Lease;

• PTX-02-VA24: Conroe, TX, Community Living Center Lease;

• PTX-03-VA24: Conroe, TX, Outpatient Clinic Lease;

• PPA-04-VA24: Cumberland County, PA, Hospital Lease;

• PFL-05-VA24: Gainesville, FL, Consolidated Outpatient Clinic, Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program, and Research Lease;

• PTX-06-VA24: Katy, TX, Community Living Center Lease;

• PTX-07-VA24: Katy, TX, Outpatient Clinic Lease;

• PFL-08-VA24: Port Saint Lucie, FL, Outpatient Clinic Lease;

• PNJ-09-VA24: Southern New Jersey, NJ, Hospital Lease; and

• PDE-10-VA24: Sussex County, DE, Hospital Lease