Pending Legislation

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H.R. 299, Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2018

S.____ (Sanders), Veterans Dental Care Eligibility Expansion and Enhancement Act of 2018

S. 3184 (Bennet), to amend title 38, United States Code, to modify the requirements for applications for construction of State home facilities to increase the maximum percentage of nonveterans allowed to be treated at such facilities, and for other purposes.

Discussion Draft on Transition Assistance reform (Crapo/Tester/Cassidy/Sullivan)

S.____ (Boozman), VA Hiring Enhancement Act

H.R. 5418, Veterans Affairs Medical-Surgical Purchasing Stabilization Act

S. 1596 (Peters/Rubio), BRAVE Act of 2017

S. 2881 (Feinstein), Mare Island Naval Cemetery Transfer Act

S. 1952 (Tester/McCain/Manchin), VA Financial Accountability Act of 2017

S. 1990 (Tester/Blumenthal/Hirono), Dependency and Indemnity Compensation Improvement Act of 2017

S. 2485 (Sullivan), Medal of Honor Surviving Spouses Recognition Act of 2018

S. 2748 (Brown/Rounds), BATTLE for Servicemembers Act

S.____ (Cassidy), to require the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to establish a program to award grants to persons to provide and coordinate the provision of suicide prevention services for veterans transitioning from service in the Armed Forces who are at risk of suicide and for their families, and for other purposes.

S.____ (Cassidy), Modernization of Medical Records Access for Veterans Act

S. 514 (Perdue/Heller), No Hero Left Untreated Act




Panel I


Paul R. Lawrence, Ph.D, Under Secretary for Benefits, Veterans Benefits Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs

Accompanied by:

Ralph Erickson, M.D., M.P.H., Dr. PH, Chief Consultant, Post Deployment Health, Veterans Health Administration

Tammy Czarnecki, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Health/Administrative Operations, Veterans Health Administration

Jessica Bonjorni, Acting Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Workforce Services, Veterans Health Administration


Panel II


Chanin Nuntavong, Director of Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, The American Legion

Gerald Manar, former Director, National Veterans Service, Veterans of Foreign Wars

Thomas J. Snee, National Executive Director, Fleet Reserve Association

Rick Weidman, Executive Director for Policy and Government Affairs, Vietnam Veterans of America



Member Statements


  • Rick Weidman

    Vietnam Veterans of America
    Download File (357.70 KB)
  • Thomas Snee

    Fleet Reserve Association
    Download File (301.40 KB)
  • Gerald Manar

    Veterans of Foreign Wars
    Download File (293.38 KB)
  • Paul R. Lawrence

    Department of Veterans Affairs
    Download File (249.66 KB)
  • Chanin Nuntavong

    The American Legion
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